Un coup de Maître, the French remake of the Argentinian success

For his comeback, Rémi Bezançon has set his sights on a "buddy movie", a genre he already masters admirably.

Un Coup de Maître is in line with Rémi Bezançon's previous film, Le Mystère Henri Pick. Although the two films tackle the same theme, they treat it in distinct ways: how to reconcile remarkable artistic with the compromises of the market, and how the execution of a deception allows the characters to circumvent the system.

Rémi Bezançon offers a remake of the Argentinian success Mi obra maestra by Gaston Duprat, released in 2018, adapting it for France with a slightly less dark tone. The focus is on a beautiful story of friendship between two emblematic figures: the merchant and the artist. Just like the writer and the publisher, the gallery owner and the painter form an artistic duo closely linked by a common interest. Their existence is mutually dependent and to last, they must coexist, especially since a friendship of more than thirty years unites them. This friendship, although turbulent and marked by disagreements, turns out to be solid and sincere, with an inexplicable element of irrationality. How far can you go for friendship?


In search of a powerful cast to embody this sparkling duo of contrasting and whimsical personalities, Rémi Bezançon immediately thought of Bouli Lanners to play Renzo, the whimsical and misanthropic painter with an uncontrollable and passionate nature. Opposite him, Vincent Macaigne plays Arthur, the passionate art dealer and gallery owner plagued by the constraints of the market.