Why Belgium ?

Since the introduction of the Tax Shelter, Belgium has carved out a place for itself as a leader in European cinema.

Why Belgium ?

Belgium offers significant benefits in terms of the shooting and post-production of films compared with other countries in Europe.

It is also possible for producers to benefit from the Tax Shelter mechanism without actually filming in Belgium.

Belgium also has a wide range of settings, with varied landscapes, photogenic towns and cities and a huge array of architectural styles.

Belgium also offers exceptional quality when it comes to technical and artistic services – plus its reliability is known and acknowledged throughout the world. To substantiate this, simply look at the list of productions filmed in Belgium and hailed by international critics.

In addition to the Tax Shelter mechanism and the competitive prices charged by the local film industry, Belgium also has a range of national and regional funds available, such as “Wallimage”, “Screen.Brussels”, the “Fédération Wallonie/Brussels” and “Screen Flanders”. These funds invest as much as 400,000 euros of their own resources and are entirely compatible with the Tax Shelter mechanism.