Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing is based on the incredible and true story of the efforts of the Crown Princess of Norway, Märtha, to help her country during World War II. One morning in April 1940, Crown Princess Märtha was awakened early by the howl of civil defense sirens. Norway is in the throes of a brutal attack. Desperately fleeing from the Nazis, Märtha and her husband Olav are forced to go their separate ways: he fled to England with her father, the king, while she narrowly won the then neutral Sweden with her three young children. Instead of finding refuge, Märtha learns that her uncle, the King of Sweden, is planning to send her youngest son back to Norway to serve as the Nazis' puppet king. They must flee again. Märtha and her children embark on a perilous crossing of the Atlantic to seek asylum in the United States, where she is immediately invited by President Franklin D. Roosevelt to stay at the White House as a private guest. Märtha soon realizes that the enigmatic president has fallen madly in love with her ...



  • Series
  • Biopic
  • Alexander Eik
  • Sofia Helin,
  • Tobias Santelmann,
  • Kyle MacLachland

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  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 1.992.467€

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