Les naufragés

Jean-Louis Brochard, a banker who is responsible for a huge swindle that shakes the financial world, flees from France under a false identity to escape from his imminent arrest. He flies off to Antigua, a tax haven in the Caribbean, to pick up several million euros he has stashed away, but finds himself stuck by the impending arrival of a hurricane. He is forced to share a small private plane with William Boulanger, who originates from the Jura region and who has been abandoned by his wife on their honeymoon.Buffeted by a violent storm, their small aircraft crash-lands on a desert island that is totally wild and hostile. The two castaways, constantly struggling for the upper hand, incapable of helping one another, thirsty and starving hungry, each build a raft to escape from their hell on earth without ever seeing one another again. But this island has a surprise up its sleeve that will bond them forever...



  • Feature film
  • Comedy
  • David Charhon
  • Daniel Auteuil,
  • Laurent Stocker,
  • Julie Ferrier

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 2.364.000€


Line production