Odd job

When the factory where Jacques works closes down, it's the beginning of the end: his girlfriend Cathie dumps him and he finds himself living from hand to mouth waiting for better days that he never sees arrive. The situation isn't much better for his friends and old workmates: Jeff does a bit of minor dealing, while Tom earns the minimum wage working in a service station. One day, André Gardot, the local bookmaker, who Jacques knows from having taken part in some of his clandestine poker games, offers him a contract: kill his wife for 20 000 euros. After hesitating for a moment, Jacques sets about his task: as he is drowning in debt, there's no way he can pass up a tidy sum like that. A few days later, an inspector, Brecht, is sent by the owners of the service station to check that Jacques and his work colleagues are doing their job properly. Haughty and irritating, Brecht is merciless and wants to have Tom and Jacques fired, whatever the cost. At his wits' end, Jacques, who has kept the weapon from his previous contract, kills him in a nearby forest.



  • Feature film
  • Comedy
  • Pascal Chaumeil
  • Romain Duris,
  • Michel Blanc,
  • Charlie Dupont

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 4.300.000€


Line production