La face cachée

François is going through an existentialist crisis. He is experiencing an urge to live, to be IN life. He sees the way the people around him behave as futile and superficial: his friend Xavier, who has an unstable relationship with his future wife, Christine. And Isa, his wife, sometimes so childish with her friend Babeth. Isa, so disorganised, who switches from carelessness to seriousness, from a state of excitation to exhaustion. Isa is an enigma for François! François watches the whole of his little world jerk around "like puppets" and he is surprised to be one of them. How can he achieve the essence of life? Almost despite himself, François will take a step towards reality. A reality that is simpler, closer to him. In fact so close that he can't see it...



  • Feature film
  • Drama
  • Bernard Campan
  • Bernard Campan,
  • Karin Viard,
  • Jean-Hugues Anglade

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 1.000.000€

Line production