Protéger et Servir

Kim Houang and Michel Boudriau are two "life and death" cops who have known each other since they met in an orphanage.As a policeman, Michel Boudriau is very much affected by the Catholic education he was given in the orphanage. He has retained values from this salutary education that honour the French police: forgiveness, sharing, compassion, etc. Kim Houang had been adopted at birth by a Vietnamese couple of restaurant owners before being placed in the orphanage...Kim has retained a number of characteristics inherited from his early childhood in the Asian community, in particular a boundless love for the ancient art of karaoke. Kim has several major concerns in life: he is pathologically stingy and is very much liked by odd-looking girls... They are not the best cops in France, or in the Paris region, or at their police station... and yet, under the instructions of Aude Lettelier, national police director, they are the ones tasked to unravel a crime wave of attacks blighting our beautiful country.



  • Feature film
  • Comedy
  • Eric Lavaine
  • Kad Merad,
  • Clovis Cornillac

The involvement of scope


  • Tax Shelter funds raised: 4.500.000€