The Cyclades, in cinemas since January 18th

A film in the shape of a heat bubble in the middle of winter

Once inseparable, two young women meet again years later and decide to rekindle their lost complicity during a trip.

Marc Fitoussi, in his film The Cyclades, offers us a sunny bubble in the heart of winter. 

He gives us a relevant and sparkling duet formed by Olivia Côte and Laure Calamy, who today are at odds with each other. The film then takes on the appearance of a buddy movie where the friends learn to exchange, share and reveal themselves in their own way, in their radiance but also in their flaws. 

Played by Laure Calamy, Magalie shows herself to be totally extravagant, free in her body and in her mind, and decides to carry her friend away in a torrent of celebration, who will have no choice but to leave the post-break-up pattern she had imagined for herself. 

The Cyclades is a sunny comedy that deals with deep issues, such as the passage of time, the value of friendship and the trials of life.