"Le Grand Marin", Dinara Drukarova's first film, in french cinemas since January 11th

Catherine Poulain's bestseller "Le Grand Marin" has been adapted into a film

Lili has left everything behind to go to the end of the world to fulfil her dream: fishing in the northern seas.  She persuades Ian, a trawler captain, to give her a chance and embarks on the Rebel. Lonely and elusive, the woman nicknamed "Sparrow" is the only woman on board. But underneath her apparent fragility, Lili is determined to go to the end of her quest and defend her freedom.

This film plunges us into a new dimension, that of the far north of Iceland, where time, landscapes and personalities cannot escape from sincerity. 
Solidarity sets in and the film reveals the wounds that seem to explain why they all end up as fishermen in the most hostile seas. Lili, then, logically finds her place.