Robin Campillo returns to cinema with a film inspired by his childhood

After 120 battements par minute (Grand prix at Cannes in 2017), the director takes us back to his past life with Red Island

Robin Campillo, through the eyes of Thomas as a child (played by Charlie Vauselle), revisits the last months of the French military presence in Madagascar in the early 1970s. Thomas's father, Robert Lopez (played by Quim Guierrez), is a soldier at base 181 in Ivato, where he lives with his wife Colette (played by Nadia Tereszkiewicz) and three sons. The island became independent twelve years ago, but the French army has still not left. All the people around Thomas live in a colonial illusion. His parents have postponed their return to France as long as possible to avoid disillusionment, haunted by the loss of their privileged status. The child observes, with his naive but true eyes, the heavy social context in which he finds himself. He gets a taste of injustice, the brutality of the world, and even the complexity of feelings. Through his childlike eyes, the reality of a heavy and persistent French presence is also revealed.